Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cut Throat Razor Shaving

Once in a while we get a visit from Gene. He comes and talks to the youngsters and they sit spellbound. He tells them about all sorts of things ranging from his Native American roots to revisionism. He tells them about how his parents were servants to the rich. How his father, although a servant, was such a good cook he was quite in demand, which in turn made for Gene moving about a lot, seeing a lot of things and a lot of places. He tells the kids about how the rich are fleeing the US for the Caribbean, at the moment, evading the US economic collapse to come. As the only English teacher, nobody questions whom I invite and why. We love listening to Gene.

Gene started his talk today, which was going to be on the subject of propaganda and critical thinking, by showing the kids his way of shaving. He uses the old fashioned straight razor due to, according to him, numerous advantages. It gives a smooth shave he recons and it is environmentally friendly, in that it is not a disposable. He calls it a straight razor but tells us that in the UK it is called a “cut throat razor”. He is very set on claiming its safety, but says he doesn’t recommend using it when one’s in a hurry. He refers to the Polanski-fim Repulsion where a murder was committed using the straight razor, and he adamantly claims it would make a useless murder weapon. At it’s outmost it might be good for a Chelsea grin.

Most of the boys are just about to set of on their shaving venture, and I know that for at least for a couple of them the straight razor is the only option. Cool! Gene has offered to teach them the technique, and also if any of the girls are tempted to use it on their legs he is willing to help.


Anonymous said...


Don't actually know how I should comment on this, maybe both ways pending on my appetite.

- Forst thing is nee way armmm ganner use it.
- Second is neebody must knaa; reet.
- And third like is am ganner need a coupla days to get the money saved up!!!!

Although it seems quite extreme and barely healhty, how could I get hold of such a precious device for my close skin perfection. May I use yours?

Marie Linder said...

Personally I wax. Having come across those I am well tempted to move over to using lather and knife though:

And what would Ganner use do you think, if not a straight razor? Hardly Gilette...