Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ehrrmm... Did Anyone Say Swedes Are Gullable?

From Top 100 April Fools

Kjell Stensson, a TV and a nylon stocking

Instant Color TV
"In 1962 there was only one tv channel in Sweden, and it broadcast in black and white. The station's technical expert, Kjell Stensson, appeared on the news to announce that thanks to a newly developed technology, all viewers could now quickly and easily convert their existing sets to display color reception. All they had to do was pull a nylon stocking over their tv screen, and they would begin to see their favorite shows in color. Stensson then proceeded to demonstrate the process. Reportedly, hundreds of thousands of people, out of the population of seven million, were taken in."

Louis A. Starr, Springville, N.Y comments: "The scary thing is getting the nylon stocking off the woman who is big enough that her nylon stocking fits around a television screen."

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