Thursday, March 01, 2007

To be Contrafactual on the Fictional

During my first lecture of History at Dalarna University, our lecturer Lars Berge warned us, as historians, never to indulge in contrafactual history. This would be something designated for the Science-fiction Department, rather than the History such. Of course he was exaggerating slightly; this was his style though, and I’d allow him to exaggerate as much as he ever wanted, as nobody gave such dynamic and interesting lectures as he did. Incidentally his doctoral thesis would be on “The Bambatha Watershed: Swedish missionaries, African Christians and an evolving Zulu church in rural Natal and Zululand 1902-1910”.

What I am about to do right here could not be classed as contrafactual history, as the story I am about to put a “what-if” perspective to, is a made up story in the first place …

My thesis is: Lord of the Flies - “Might this be what had happened, had the aircraft filled with young choir boys never crashed”

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