Wednesday, June 14, 2006

There is no Snakes in Iceland ...

That snake is highly poisonous. I encountered it yesterday while walking in the woods near my home. This would not have happened in Iceland, and that is not only because of the lack of woods; I would have met a snake over there as little as I would have met a train.

Excerpt from “News From Nowhere” by William Morris

Said I: "How do you manage with politics”?
Said Hammond, smiling: "I am glad that it is of me that you ask that question; I do believe that anybody else would make you explain yourself, or try to do so, till you
were sick of asking questions. Indeed, I believe I am the only man in England who would know what you mean; and since I know, I will answer your question briefly by saying that we are very well off as to politics, - because we have none. If ever you make a book out of this conversation, put this in a chapter by itself, after the model of old Horrebow's Snakes in Iceland"
... an allusive phrase ...

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