Sunday, August 05, 2007

Gather XP, collect treasures and fend monsters, while seeing to your daily chores!

Not a dull moment in this house since came into our lives. The tedious household work is now turned into an interactive RPG, which makes us willingly do things we previously detested.

It works like this: Household chores are listed and made into adventures. When a chore is done, one is able to claim it and gather the XP attached to it. Sometimes claiming XP will result in a battle, but there is also the chance of gaining treasure. Our house is gleaming!

Cool thing is that the boys other household (their dads) also has joined in, and thus both houses are gleaming, while the boys are able to gather XP every day of the week.

New chores/adventures are continuously added as we discover them. Cleaning out wardrobes is next to be added to the list. There is bound to really horrid monsters to encounter doing that one though…

The statistics provided by the site furthermore provides an excellent valuation tool. It enables us to analyze our housework, in terms of who does what, and when, etc. 'How long ago since the plants were watered?'; 'Is everyone getting a chance to cook dinner?' and so on...

The Party “The Highland Fellowship” and it’s members:
From left to right: Dungeon Master ‘Skye of Ghaidhealtachd’ (Druid), Fraser 'The Master of Hell' (Barbarian), Worf the Klingon (Shaman), King Stuart 'Master of Light' (Paladin), malin (Barbarian), The gammla räv (Paladin)

An array of our adventures with scores and events (click on picture to enlarge):

On completing an adventure one is able to add a comment…

This is not the first time we involve the internet in getting our housework done. We have had an earlier experiment with ; blogged in an earlier posting. This system was far to complicated though, and it never really caught on with us. Aren’t we web2.0, so say!?

The "Master of Hell" in action:


Jason said...

That looks like it is working out very well! Finally the internet has a use, glad someone was able to do something with this silly thing. I need to steal someones kids so I can try that out.

Nice post! said...

Hi Marie,

This looks fun! I'm glad you have found an alternative to MyChores that works well for you! I too have been looking at chorewars - it seems an excellent idea! :)