Sunday, June 24, 2007

“An Educational Disgrace”

From Richard Dawkins Tour Journal:

“I was beautifully looked after in Montreal, and was sad that I had to leave so soon. After a night stop in Philadelphia I flew on to Lynchburg, Virginia, where I now am. The drive from Charlottesville airport to Lynchburg was beautiful, the autumn colours glowing against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The host institution here is the Randolph Macon Woman’s College -- a proper university, unlike the ill-named and ill-favoured “Liberty University”, founded by the infamous Jerry Falwell, which shares the same town. It seems that some official body, somewhere, has seen fit to grant accreditation to “Liberty University” -- a “University” which, in all seriousness, teaches its unfortunate students that the world is less than ten thousand years old. I briefly visited “Liberty University” this morning. Knowing how many tax-free dollars had been donated or tithed to this “University” I thought at least that it might have nice buildings. Remarkably, they are spectacularly ugly, an architectural disgrace on the outside to match the educational disgrace of what is taught inside.”

Liberty university is a Christian university situated in Lynchburg, Virginia, US. This university (!?) claims that dinosaur bones at their campus are 3000 years old. They also lay claims that the Universe is a mere 6000 years old. Dawkins: "They're off by a factor of a million. That's not a small error. It's equivalent to saying that the distance between New York and San Francisco is 28 feet”.

Although creationism deserves to be laughed at, it is not funny; at least not when it reaches the university world.

Richard Dawkins on Dinosaurs & Creationism:

And here's for an amazing/funny/scary read: Index to Creationist claims

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