Monday, July 21, 2008


It has now come to a point where everyone in this household needs a hair cut. Last time one of the boys had his hair cut it cost 450skr. Five people times 450skr means an expense of 2250skr. Too much! To save on the expense I am determined to talk them all into using crowd-sourced hairstyling. As demonstrated in the video below it works in a way that one sits down at a busy intersection down town, equipped with scissors (tied around ones neck), a comb and eye protection. Well there one just needs to prompt passersby to have a go at cutting.

I am not sure if we should go all five of us at the same time and sit together, or if we should spread out around town. Maybe we should go at different days. I am thinking that the square near the big outdoor café in the very centre would be a good place. This is probably the busiest place and there is no traffic.

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