Thursday, May 01, 2008

Back to Blogging or I need to Spend More Time on the Internet or simply A Tribute to the Internet

I have not blogged for a month and a half. Seems I have spent almost all my time on work related things. All what I have done in this field is worthwhile though, as it is preparations and planning that will save me time later. Among other things I have prepared a project on the Middle Ages, with which my students are now busy. Each students is building up a story around a made up individual living in those days. It will end up a story of fiction with intertwined facts on organisation of society, clothes, food, customs etc. They have chosen from a list of positions people would have in those days such as: pheasant, outlaw, jester, squire, noble man/woman, courtier, monk, nun, minstrel, castle worker, philosopher, knight, king, queen, hunter, archer. A main aim of this project is for the students to get a feeling for the feudal system and the life situations of the people within it. I am very much looking forward to reading their works, which they incidentally have taken to with great entusiasm. They write in English, and this project aims at curriculum goals for both English and History.

However much I love my job, I love the internet even more; and from now on I need to get back to be my usual internet active self, i.e.:

- discover new music through Aquarium Drunkard, Geez Back Ma Heid!, Pitchfork, Oceans Never Listens, Runout Groove

- blog more often and read other peoples blogs such as boingboing,
Cynical-C Blog, Indexed, kung fu grippe, rands in repose, Why That’s Delightful!

- discover new words at wordsmith and worldwidewords , and add words on Wordie

- read more lists (Merlin’s Lists of Five Things, Skippy’s List)

- keep track of all the fails

- send more Cards

- watch more videos like this and this

- read more comics (Wondermark, Questionable Content, Over-Compensating, The Perry Bible and more)

- ask more questions

- look at more bird pictures

- look at clever design

- keep track of links with

- meddle with my muxtape

- get lost in Wikipedia

and lots, lots more…

Finally! This is my time travel device for going back in time with my students. It doesn't take too many generations and we are back in The Middle Ages.

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