Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Am Going to (n)Iceland on Friday

Sitting down to do my packing list for traveling to Iceland, I remembered this packing list-generator I had come across on the net a while back. I found it through my del.icio.us and so ventured to try it out.

The generator will, according to ones criteria, generate a comprehensive packing list with anything from, what you have to think about before you leave to what documents you should bring.

I feel really pleased now that I have had my list generated. What I did was I deleted anything non applicable from the list, and then I added things that the "The Universal Packing List"-site did not know me well enough to add.

My criteria specified:

Another great site for traveling tips is "The Power-Traveler's Checklist" on "Travel Day" Here one gets loads of good advice for the airport and the flight.

I am so excited!!

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