Friday, September 01, 2006

"Thing is it did not"

I used to be really flattered when I was little, and I was compared to Liv Ullman what looks concern. She was an absolute heroine of mine as from the age of about eight and onwards. This was before anyone ever mentioned I might look like her though; her and Bibbi Andersson were my heroines. (Ingmar Bergman films used to run regularly on Swedish TV them days.) The first time I overheard someone mentioning the resemblance I was happy. The second time I heard it mentioned I was in heaven, as I knew then it had nothing to do with coincidence.

Second time around I was likened to someone, was a matter of horror to my teenage ears, and really bothered my vain self. I was on this bus and I realised the girl in front of me was whispering to her boyfriend about me. What I overheard was “looks like Hotlips”. This was of course when Mash was very much on the agenda. As much as I liked Hotlips for her straightforwardness, I disliked her looks. ( I am sure my psychologist friend M would give me some down to earth explanation as of to why). Anyway being likened to her was not something I liked in any way.

Logging on to msn the other day I notice one of my msn-mates calling himself 60% Charles Bronson. Asking him what this was all about I was referred to this site where one can have ones face matched to that of a look-alike celebrity: “Find the Celebrity Within You”. Being one for weird internet pass time opportunities, of course I wanted to have a go. Thing was though ... somewhere at the back of my mind lurked this … was there going to be any connection to my horror look-alike Hotlips … !?

Thing is it did not.

Thing is, do I feel any better for it?



Anonymous said...

I hope that you are aware of the fact that you can choose which gender you'd like to get matches from?

Marie Linder said...

And I in turn would have hoped it was obvious I did not do this on a serious level …