Thursday, May 25, 2006

No red toenails in the Grand Canyon!!

A friend just back from the US, has today told me that the absolutely most dangerous animal of the Grand Canyon is the squirrel! Those little fluffy tailed animals are so full of bacteria that they are highly poisonous. They often even carry the bubonic plague! Craving for food they are fearless of people, and they use their razor sharp teeth to slice through anything - yes, even the hand that feeds them!

Having red painted toe nails, is according to my friend, a very bad idea as those would look just like candy to any little chipmunk.

At night one can feel safe though; then there is no activity on their side. But ... don’t get to comfortable - night time is just the changing of the guard!

I was also told, that in Vegas there are escalators moving in circles! Must have been an exciting trip!

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